SaleOro Line

Bring The Sea to your Table

SaleOro is the perfect representation of our values and our passion for food: only selected and attentively prepared fish, ready to be served and tasted.

Everyday we put in play our thirty-year work experience to provide a high-quality service and to bring to your tables the best dishes of Mediterranean cuisine, ready to eat.

Discover all our Products

Alici marinate

Marinated Anchovies

The bluefish, undisputed star
of Mediterranean cuisine.

Gamberoni di surimi

Prawn-flavoured surimi

The fanciful and savoury dish
that everybody likes.

Tranci di polpo

Octopus steaks

The most versatile shellfish
for one recipe better than the other.

Salmone Marinato

Marinated salmon

A fine light and tasty dish
for every occasion.

Seafood salad

The fish-based appetiser,
the excellence of Italian cuisine.

Raw Seafood

All the taste of the sea
ready to be served on your tables

Grilled Seafood

The perfect second dish
for a special dinner.

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