From the sea and the land, a careful selection of raw materials, elaborated with wisdom and craftsmanship, to bring to the table the authentic taste of Made in Italy.

Gastronomy and Supplies Ho.Re.Ca.

Our vegetables, of Italian origin, are harvested at the time of maturation and then processed preserving the greatest amount of fiber, mineral salts, anti-oxidants and vitamins until they reach the table.

All the flavor of the sea with the largest selection of fresh fish, prepared with care and attention, in full respect of the traditions and taste of the sea. The consumption of fish favors a great nutritional supply rich in iodine, calcium and magnesium.


A family tradition

The company project was born in the kitchen of a restaurant, where the Carannante family realized that there was a need to be able to keep the service provided by the catering activities in the fridge of the house so that it could be consumed comfortably even at home.
Since then, after 20 years of history, Vama continues in its intent bringing development and innovation to the Italian and international gastronomy market, keeping pace with the most careful hygiene standards and the highest quality standards.