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This website uses cookies of the types and for the purposes described on this page.

On the basis of the used and active cookies, the website can automatically collect personal and technical data about the users. We remind you that the collection of technical cookies and analytical cookies is automatic and does not require your consent.

The owner of this website, Carma Srl [Registered office: Via Cavarelli 1, Sassano (SA) 84038 Italy; VAT number 05876320655], hereinafter also referred to as “Carma Srl”, uses cookies in accordance with the Privacy Policy of the site itself.

General information

What are cookies? These are small text files forwarded from the website to the user’s terminal where they are stored, so that they are then retransmitted to the website on the next visit by the same user. Cookies are generated during visits to websites and can have various purposes, including the improvement of the users’ browsing experience and the provision of an efficient service by the computer. Disabling cookies could compromise the proper functioning of the website. The cookies store information that can be reused by the website on subsequent visits. Cookies can be stored in the devices used by the browser to visit the website, in which case they have a variable duration and are defined as “persistent cookies”. Some cookies can be automatically deleted when the web browser is closed, or have a limited duration anyway, in which case they are defined as “session cookies”. Cookies can be installed from the website you are visiting (first-party cookies) or from other websites (third-party cookies).

Cookies cannot acquire other data from the user’s hard drive or even determine the transmission of computer viruses. The storage of the cookie is established in relation to the need and usually varies from a few hours to a few years. However, in the case of cookie profiling, the duration cannot exceed 365 calendar days.

Each cookie is a unique file for the visitor’s web browser. Its use is designed for various purposes, cookies therefore have different characteristics and are exploited both by the owner of the site being browsed and by third parties.

In this statement, the expression “cookies” means both actual cookies and all similar technologies. The document indicates the information on cookies implemented through this website, as well as useful details for their management.

The use of cookies by the website’s owner is part of its Privacy Policy. Cookies are used to make the browsing experience easier and more effective.

Types of cookies
A first distinction of cookies concerns their being first-party or third-party cookies. First-party cookies indicate the website as a domain while third-party cookies relate to external domains. It should also be noted the presence of “Flash Cookies” (Local Shared Objects), used within Adobe Flash Player to provide certain content such as video elements. These are cookies that allow storing user settings. Although they are stored on the user’s terminal, Flash cookies are managed through a different interface from the web browser.

Technical cookies. These cookies are exclusively used to “carry out the transmission of a communication over an electronic communications network, or, only if necessary, to the provider of an information society service explicitly requested by the subscriber or user to provide this service” (see Article 122, paragraph 1, of the Privacy Code). The installation of technical cookies usually occurs by the owner or operator of the website, without requiring the user’s consent.

In the context of technical cookies, we detect:

Navigation or session cookies. They are files that ensure navigation and use of the website, and are also essential to fully enjoy the features of the website itself.

Analytics cookies. They are placed in the context of technical cookies when they are directly exploited by the website owner to obtain information, in aggregate mode, about the number of visitors and how their navigation takes place. The use was introduced to increase the website performance.

Here is the list of analytics cookies on the Google Analytics: this is a service for conducting web analysis processes provided by Google. The intent is to draw up reports and share them with other services presented by Google. For further details, please visit the page; Functionality cookies They allow the visitor to navigate in relation to the various parameters chosen, so as to have a personalized service. By taking advantage of these cookies, for example, it is possible to memorize the preference of the language or the products identified for purchase. The user will not be asked to express his/her consent regarding the cookie installation process, as required by current legislation.

Other cookies. Other cookies are installed only with the consent given by the visitor on the first occasion in which he/she accesses the website. Consent can be given or revoked on this page, called “Cookie Policy”, present on the website.

Profiling cookies. They are designed to generate user profiles and can be used to forward commercial communications in compliance with the interests indicated by the visitor during navigation. Not all of the user’s personal data will be used for profiling. To use profiling cookies, the user must specify their consent. To provide or deny consent to the implementation of cookies, the settings on the “Cookie Policy” page of this site must be used. However, the website does not manage third-party cookies. The visitor can manage them using the web browser settings.

Cookies relating to social networks and other external portals. They are useful components to perform interactions with social platforms on the pages of the website. Any information communicated to the website will be subject to the privacy policies defined by the social platform used.

List of cookies on

Facebook: the social network uses cookies to present the visitor with the interaction functionality on posts. For further details, please consult the page

Twitter: the social network uses cookies to allow sharing functionalities. For further details, please consult the page: other-similar-technologies-from-part-of-twitter and

Google+: the application uses cookies to present sharing functionality to the visitor. For further details, please visit the page

Pinterest: the social network uses cookies to present sharing functionality to the visitor. For further details, please consult the page

Remarketing cookies. These services allow the website and its partner companies to share information, improve and present advertisements based on the interests derived from the user’s navigation. This occurs through the tracking of visitor usage data and cookies. The resulting data will then be communicated to the various partner companies.

How can you verify the installation of cookies?
The user has the possibility to ascertain the pertinent preferences of the cookies using their browser. Thanks to the tools at his/her disposal, the user can block the installation of third-party cookies. The browser also enables the user to delete already installed cookies. However, disabling some cookies could compromise the correct use of the website.

For more details on managing cookies through the browser, please visit the following pages: Google Chrome; Mozilla Firefox; Apple Safari; Microsoft Windows Explorer.

Final store cookies

Carma S.r.l. is unrelated to the direct use of cookies possibly prepared by the final stores referred to in point 2 of the “Terms and conditions”.

Normative requirements. European users of the website should be aware that this privacy statement has been prepared in view of the obligations regarding cookies, laid down in Art. 10 of the Directive n. 95/46 / EC, by Directive 2002/58 / EC and according to the update produced by Directive 2009/136 / EC.